About Us

My website was previously RAS Design Clothing. I felt that it wasn't personal enough and really showed my personality and creativity even though it was my initials. So I decided to revamp my brand and website. Welcome to my new website that shines my personality along with my best friend Harley a 10 year old Chihuahua. I feel that it is important to know who you are buying from and what they are all about. I love designing t-shirts, a plant dad, a dog lover, a Gardner and a crafter of candles, and painting.

How do you shop at my store?

I try to keep my website as simple and clean as possible without all the bells and whistles. Click on the shop button and it will take you to all the designs on my website. The image that you see is just the design with 1 potential background. When you click on that design you have the option of purchasing the design on many different products. Currently it is only unisex t-shirts but very soon it will include many other apparel and household items. I believe in self expression and creativity. I love wearing t-shirts that bring out the big kid within me. See a design that you think is for kids only, think again! It can be printed on shirts for men, for ladies, for kids, or babies. See a design that looks like it is for only woman? Think again! I don't print anything until it is ordered, giving me so many options. You wear what you want to wear and you be you! Half of the t-shirts in my closet look like they belong to a kid!

Follow me

Be sure to follow me on instagram and facebook to get updates on new items uploaded and new designs. Go out into the world and express yourself! Robby and Harley!

Everything is printed in Charlotte, North Carolina